Music That Increases Brain Functioning

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Mozart in Mind
Baroque Musicians
Music that Increases Brain Functioning

Listen to Mozart or Vivaldi for background music. Played on a low volume and lacking lyrics, you might hardly notice it is on. However, studies have shown that both Baroque music and music by Mozart increase the functioning of our brains. The term baroque applies to music composed during the 17th and 18th centuries by composers such as Vivaldi, Telemann, Bach and Handel. Baroque music is believed to optimize brain function by producing a state of calm, relaxed alertness. Lab studies have shown that it increases alpha and theta waves in the brain. Alpha waves indicate a slower, more relaxed mind. Theta waves represent both creative and meditative states in the brain. Keeping Mozart in Mind, a book by Dr. Gordon Shaw, discusses music as a window into higher brain function. World-renowned for his "music and the brain studies," he demonstrates how music changes the way we think, reason, and create. Listening to music creates new neural pathways in your brain that stimulate creativity. Research from the University of California showed that music actually trains the brain for higher forms of thinking.

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