Be Emotionally Wealthy: Waste No Time or Effort on Meaningless Tasks


Emotionally wealthy people do not waste their time doing anything they do not want to do. They understand that they must be directed and committed in focusing on what they love. By focusing on their passions they figure out what to do to continue growing in those passions.

These powerful individuals understand they won't love every part of their journey. What they don't love they tolerate as necessary to realizing their larger vision.

If You Want to Be Extraordinary, You Might Want to Start Being . . . Normal?

"Normality changes over time and based on where you are. There is no one set of principles that make you normal. However, there are ways to work on fitting in with your surroundings if you have trouble with that. Focus first on being confident in yourself, and the rest will follow." ~ http://www.wikihow.com/Be-Normal


Self-Chosen Work

Work Can Be Self-Chosen.

Play is what we choose to do, not what we have to do, so the more we experience a sense of choice about our employment the more we experience it as play. If you feel that necessity requires you to work at such-and-such a job, then it will be hard for you to maintain a playful attitude about that job. The more you feel free to leave a job, the easier it is to experience the job as play. Play, by definition, is something that you are always free to quit. If you can't quit, you have no sense of choice, and the activity is not play.

Definition of Play

Definition of Play

Play is structured activity that is (a) self-chosen, (b) self-directed; (c) imaginitive, or creative; (d) intrinsically motivated; and (e) produced in an active, alert, but not distressed frame of mind. To the degree that any activity has these characteristics, we experience it as play. Work, at its best, can have all of these characteristics to a high degree.


A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step

If I do not stop, I can not fail. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and then another step, and another step.

Keep on stepping. Focus on the one step and do not allow the mind to become overwhelmed by the totality of the journey. Know that you are able to make the first step. Know that you are able.


The Spanish word poder indicates the ability, either physical ability or having permission, to do something.


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