The Illuminated Narrator: The Art of Transformative Storytelling

The stories you tell yourself can create powerful transformation. Through the oral tradition of storytelling, revisit a story from your past and breathe new life and meaning into your life’s most significant events.

Music to Increase Work Productivity

Published on Jan 21, 2016 Set your State of Mind into focused work mode with our work productivity improvement audio accompaniment that uses multiple binaural beats that range from 13Hz to 40Hz, which are the Beta to Gamma brainwaves. Beta frequencies will help you to create active concentration and at the same time deep relaxation. Gamma frequencies help create higher mental activity and thought processing which is very helpful for enhanced perception, problem solving, alertness, motivation, logical and analytical thinking and verbal communication.

"Three C's: Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration - The Pathway to Innovation"

Songwriter / Producer
Guitar Instruction
Keynote Speaker

Starting in 2007, Angus has been sharing the thrills and experience of making music with non-musicians through his company Song Division, a mainstay of the Corporate Events and Meetings market. Their programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies for Team Building, Learning & Development, and as a pathway to Engagement between companies and their employees and customers. They pride themselves as the company that "got Richard Branson to crowd surf".

Loving What You Do - 101-Years Young Composer Irving Fields

Irving Fields, Composer Who Infused Songs With Latin Rhythms. . .

There was a time in the middle of the last century when piano-playing children in certain quarters of the Bronx and Brooklyn were often asked to entertain guests with a song called “Miami Beach Rhumba,” an improbable combination of zesty Latin dance rhythms and musical inflections born of the shtetls and ghettos of Eastern Europe.

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