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Music to Increase Work Productivity

Published on Jan 21, 2016 Set your State of Mind into focused work mode with our work productivity improvement audio accompaniment that uses multiple binaural beats that range from 13Hz to 40Hz, which are the Beta to Gamma brainwaves. Beta frequencies will help you to create active concentration and at the same time deep relaxation. Gamma frequencies help create higher mental activity and thought processing which is very helpful for enhanced perception, problem solving, alertness, motivation, logical and analytical thinking and verbal communication.

Thinking of You

KitarĊ's "Thinking Of You" won at the 43rd Grammy Awards for Best New Age Album. One of the founding architects of the New Age music category and movement, his ongoing inspirational musical message of Peace and Love allows Kitaro to take his fans to the four corners of the globe, shining the spotlight of his musical message on audiences as he inspires fans from around the world to unite as one. Influenced by American rock and R&B, his pioneering fusion of electronic artistry, traditional Japanese forms, and pop-inflected Western idioms created a lush, harmonic, and poetic sound

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