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Is it too Late to Pursue My Dream?

Begin with even 30 minutes a day to start pursuing your dream. Reach out and meet like minded people. Be passionate. Get focused. Face your fears. Get ready to adapt your dream. Watch this video. Be inspired.

Meditation - Music & Chant for Relaxation

A practice of meditation can help relax the body and free the mind. Here is a video of a Buddhist chant for relaxation.

The Illuminated Narrator: The Art of Transformative Storytelling

The stories you tell yourself can create powerful transformation. Through the oral tradition of storytelling, revisit a story from your past and breathe new life and meaning into your life’s most significant events.

Be Emotionally Wealthy: Waste No Time or Effort on Meaningless Tasks

Emotionally wealthy people do not waste their time doing anything they do not want to do. They understand that they must be directed and committed in focusing on what they love. By focusing on their passions they figure out what to do to continue growing in those passions.

These powerful individuals understand they won't love every part of their journey. What they don't love they tolerate as necessary to realizing their larger vision.


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