Everything is Illuminated: Shining a Light on the Nature of Work and Play

This website has been started as part of an endeavor to focus on the nature of work and play, a work-in-progress intended to examine the way that work is viewed, to discuss preconceived notions about work and attitudes towards play. This website is a curated collection of notes and conversations intended to shine a light on the way we think about work and play. Why do I use the word 'play' while discussing serious work? Because, the concept of play has somehow acquired a reputation of being shallow and frivolous, and therefore not necessary for success in life. Whereas only 'serious' work is considered the only correct way to pursue a financially stable existence. "Whoever heard of being paid to play? Seriously, you must put your thoughts of play and creativity behind you and buckled down with a real job, even if that job is tedious and drains your spirit!" We've all heard variations of this narrative before, but is it completely true? Certainly work by its very nature involves discipline, and discipline involves effort, but does that effort have to be onerous? Is it really necessary to consign ourselves to a life of daily drudgery?

How can we rethink the way we approach our work life? When work is play, then it is no longer drudgery, but an act of creation and therefore an act of illumination. All actions, engaged in for the purpose of work, have the potential to become acts of illumination, breaking away from dreary joyless tasks engaged in only out of necessity, to just meet material needs. The daily grind, drudgery, such work is out of balance and intrinsically ignores the spirit of play. Instead, by a change of our thoughts about work, we can begin taking steps towards understanding the nature of work, and perhaps then, pursue work in a way that is more in tune with our unique strengths and individual natures. The first steps along this path may be halting. Thinking about and planning playfulness in regards to work? Pursing work that so closely matches our own individuality and strengths so well that the work day is essentially transformed into a type of play? Really? Yes! Why trudge around from day to day when it is possible to leap, to dance, to take flight and soar into the light. Such it is when learning a new language, learning a new way of interacting with the world. Learning a new modality of interacting with the world is amazing. Learning is amazing when all is illuminated! It is then that work becomes play.