"Three C's: Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration - The Pathway to Innovation"

Songwriter / Producer
Guitar Instruction
Keynote Speaker

Starting in 2007, Angus has been sharing the thrills and experience of making music with non-musicians through his company Song Division, a mainstay of the Corporate Events and Meetings market. Their programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies for Team Building, Learning & Development, and as a pathway to Engagement between companies and their employees and customers. They pride themselves as the company that "got Richard Branson to crowd surf".

In addition to their amazingly successful songwriting-based programs like "Battle of the Bands" and "Team Anthem", Song Division now offers a keynote speach featuring Angus. He is an inspiring and engaging keynote speaker, using his wealth of professional experience as a springboard for an interactive session titled: "Three C's: Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration - The Pathway to Innovation".

For more information, availability, and pricing visit www.songdivision.com today.

As a guitarist, Angus has established himself through a track record of inspired performances and hard work. A devotee of everything from Jimi Hendrix to David Gilmour, Michael Schenker to Randy Rhoads, Angus is a versatile rock guitarist who has been called on my some of the world's top artists for live and studio work. He signs on for a variety of projects as time allows, and seriously considers all offers.

Rock / Hard Rock / Metal
An intensely physical player with a passion for connecting with audiences, Angus has been a lead guitarist for the Platinum-Selling and Grammy-Nominated Trans-Siberian Orchestra for the last 14 years. He also performs and records with his band DareDevil Squadron. Alway open to new endeavors, he has worked with and/or collaborated with members of Overkill, Metal Church, Queensryche, Yes, the Eagles, Bad Company, Queen, and KMFDM.

New Age / World / Instrumental
While on tour in support of Naked Sun's '93 release "Wonder Drug" Angus was tapped by legendary New Age kingpin Kitaro to help complete his forthcoming release "Mandala" and subsequent world tour. This began an amazing musical friendship that lasts until this very day. Angus worked with Kitaro on 4 of his albums, each earning a Grammy-Nomination in the "Best New Age Album" category. Angus toured the world including concerts in Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China and Europe. The schedule included concerts in some of the world's most prestigious venues including Carnegie Hall.

During this period Angus also collaborated with Tibetan flautist Nawang Khechog and keyboardist Peter Kater in the performance of their "Primordial Rock Celebration" at the Tibetan Freedom Concert at RFK stadium in 1999 with over 75,000 people in attendance.

In 2007, Angus was approached by Jethro Tull's lead violinist Anna Phoebe to collaboate on instrumental material for her debut solo release. An amazing mix of Celtic and Eastern influences, Angus contributed to her debut solo album "Gypsy" both as guitarist and co-writer. Works from that album were subsequently performed by Jethro Tull while on tour.

With the Tony-Nominated success of "Rock of Ages", a need for professional musicians with a flair for the rock idiom was created. Angus has been a "sub" for the 2 on-stage guitar chairs for the last 5 years. It is now one of the top 50 longest running shows on Broadway.

Additionally, he has done concert performances of orchestral adaptations of the music of Queen that were created for the Musical "We Will Rock You".


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