"Three C's: Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration - The Pathway to Innovation"

Songwriter / Producer
Guitar Instruction
Keynote Speaker

Starting in 2007, Angus has been sharing the thrills and experience of making music with non-musicians through his company Song Division, a mainstay of the Corporate Events and Meetings market. Their programs have been used by Fortune 500 companies for Team Building, Learning & Development, and as a pathway to Engagement between companies and their employees and customers. They pride themselves as the company that "got Richard Branson to crowd surf".

Loving What You Do - Tony Bennett at 90

excerpt from "Tony Bennett at 90: ‘I Just Love What I’m Doing’"

Tony Bennett gets around! He celebrated his 90th birthday celebration at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Astoria, Queens.

And then, early Thanksgiving morning, Tony Bennett woke up in a strange bed on the wrong side of Central Park.

Loving What You Do - 101-Years Young Composer Irving Fields

Irving Fields, Composer Who Infused Songs With Latin Rhythms. . .

There was a time in the middle of the last century when piano-playing children in certain quarters of the Bronx and Brooklyn were often asked to entertain guests with a song called “Miami Beach Rhumba,” an improbable combination of zesty Latin dance rhythms and musical inflections born of the shtetls and ghettos of Eastern Europe.

The Sound of Silence

How to Deal With Being Ostracized at Work
By M. Lo "eHow"

Finding yourself on the outs with coworkers can make you dread going to work. Perhaps coworkers ignore your input during meetings or give you the silent treatment at lunch. These types of actions represent a form of bullying called ostracism, which skips overt bullying in favor of shunning. Ostracism casts a negative shadow on workplace dynamics. Dealing with being ostracized in the office takes perseverance.


The Opposite of Play

Workers who are free to make their own on-the-job decisions are much more likely to experience their work as play than are those who do not have such freedom. Nothing sucks the play out of work more than micromanaging.

Self-Chosen Work

Work Can Be Self-Chosen.

Play is what we choose to do, not what we have to do, so the more we experience a sense of choice about our employment the more we experience it as play. If you feel that necessity requires you to work at such-and-such a job, then it will be hard for you to maintain a playful attitude about that job. The more you feel free to leave a job, the easier it is to experience the job as play. Play, by definition, is something that you are always free to quit. If you can't quit, you have no sense of choice, and the activity is not play.

Definition of Play

Definition of Play

Play is structured activity that is (a) self-chosen, (b) self-directed; (c) imaginitive, or creative; (d) intrinsically motivated; and (e) produced in an active, alert, but not distressed frame of mind. To the degree that any activity has these characteristics, we experience it as play. Work, at its best, can have all of these characteristics to a high degree.


When Work Becomes Play

"When work becomes play, and play becomes your work, your life unfolds."
~ Frost

One of the first and most often reinforced lessons that children learn in school is that work and play are opposites. Work is what one has to do; play is what one wants to do. Work is burdensome; play is fun. Work is essential; play is trivial. But when we leave school and go on to the "real world," at least some of us, the lucky ones, discover that work is not the opposite of play. In fact, work can be play, or at least it can be imbued with a high degree of playfulness.


A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step

If I do not stop, I can not fail. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and then another step, and another step.

Keep on stepping. Focus on the one step and do not allow the mind to become overwhelmed by the totality of the journey. Know that you are able to make the first step. Know that you are able.


The Spanish word poder indicates the ability, either physical ability or having permission, to do something.


Everything is Illuminated: Amazing is All!

Work becomes play when one gives oneself to the learning process. Although there may be a steep learning curve and thus a perception of struggle, the process of learning lends greater illumination when one attains the heights of understanding. Thus, everything is illuminated.


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